A downloadable game for Windows

DEMO!!! This game is very early in development!

A tactical RPG where the combat is driven mostly by physics

Throw your enemies off cliffs, into walls, or into each other, then throw their corpses at their friends! OR JUST THROW YOUR DEAD ALLIES AT PEOPLE!

This is just a demo showing off the battle basics, some technical notes below if you care:

It is not apparent in this demo but each friendly unit has 3 AP (Ability Points) to spend each turn, moving costs 1-2 AP depending on how far you move (the costs are hinted at by the two stars shown at different ranges), attacking will use 1-2 AP depending on how much AP that unit has left, attacking with 2 AP will push units harder

There is also a failsafe in place where stuck units will kill themselves after being stuck for too long, there's some issues with units clinging to cliff edges that I haven't fixed yet, so just wait it out if that happens

Let me know what you think! All feedback is appreciated!

Install instructions

download game

open .zip

run game.exe


Dungeon Party.zip 14 MB


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Yo, dude! I really liked this game. It adorable! However, I do think it needs better camera controls and path finding. I covered it on my channel if you want to check out my critique.

In the video I recommend Adventure Creator. Their website is here: http://adventurecreator.org/

Thanks a lot! Very useful info

Really cute! Needs some sounds ASAP :D

As pizzaboy10 said, it took a moment to get used to the controls. Outside of that, everything worked fine. Being able to knock units into other units is a fun mechanic and makes it play like billiards.

i was unable to escape or restart the game upon completing the battle, regardless of the outcome. I may just be dense though.

Why is it marked for macOS and Linux if there's only an exe?

sorry, fixed

The click-and-drag system for selecting an action and then aiming said action is pretty counter-intuitive, unless you're planning to make this a mobile release. It would be better to make it a single click to select an action and the aiming UI follows the cursor around without needing to hold down the button.

Good point, this was meant to be a mobile game and I changed my mind, the controls are a leftover from that, didn't put much thought into it cause I already had a feel for it