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Yo, dude! I really liked this game. It adorable! However, I do think it needs better camera controls and path finding. I covered it on my channel if you want to check out my critique.

In the video I recommend Adventure Creator. Their website is here:

Thanks a lot! Very useful info

Really cute! Needs some sounds ASAP :D

As pizzaboy10 said, it took a moment to get used to the controls. Outside of that, everything worked fine. Being able to knock units into other units is a fun mechanic and makes it play like billiards.

i was unable to escape or restart the game upon completing the battle, regardless of the outcome. I may just be dense though.

Why is it marked for macOS and Linux if there's only an exe?

sorry, fixed

The click-and-drag system for selecting an action and then aiming said action is pretty counter-intuitive, unless you're planning to make this a mobile release. It would be better to make it a single click to select an action and the aiming UI follows the cursor around without needing to hold down the button.

Good point, this was meant to be a mobile game and I changed my mind, the controls are a leftover from that, didn't put much thought into it cause I already had a feel for it